5 Hotels That Allow You to Check in at 18

Several hotels in the US accept check-ins from 18-year-olds. Many of these hotels are also rather inexpensive.

There are several cities where no hotels accept visitors under the age of 18 for check-in or overnight stays. In others, several choices will meet your demands and provide the young traveler with enjoyable activities while on vacation without breaking the wallet. Here are several possibilities for 18-year-olds who wish to get a hotel room or another kind of short-term housing.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons is another fantastic choice for 18-year-olds wanting to rent a room. One of the best hotels in the country, they provide a range of all-inclusive packages that let visitors stay at their establishments for free as long as they are under 18. This applies to all meals, lodging, travel, and even activities. Your airfare or cruise price is the only thing you have to pay.

These regulations vary from one hotel to another. While some accommodations let visitors check in as young as 18, others demand they be at least 21 years old before attempting to reserve your hotel. Phone the host site to double-check and remove any uncertainty.


In recent years, staying in someone else’s house for a nominal price has become one of the greatest trends thanks to the internet service AirBNB. To save money and stay with relatives or friends while on vacation or in transit, many young travelers choose Airbnb.

No matter where you reside in the United States, you may benefit from this trend by renting out your room or apartment on Airbnb. The abundance of distinctive possibilities is another excellent perk of staying at an Airbnb. With greater facilities like a fully functional kitchen, more kid and pet-friendly choices, and sometimes safer accommodations than hotels, you’ll feel like you’re living with friends and family.

As far as we know, anybody 18 years old or older may book an Airbnb. The minimum age limit may sometimes be established by the host and is noted under house rules, however, this is seldom done.

Youth Hostel

Hostels are an excellent way to unwind on a tight budget. Hostels often house backpackers, budget-conscious travelers, students, lone travelers, and travelers on gap years.

The good news is that, for budget-conscious social travelers, hostels are now just as wealthy and fashionable as boutique hotels. Hostels are great venues for tourists who wish to interact since they allow check-ins from guests as young as 16. Some locations could need documentation of the guardian’s consent to check in 16-year-olds.

Hyatt Hostel

One of the most reputable international hotel operators, Hyatt manages over 1,000 five-star hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals. They delight in ensuring their guests have a good time while they are there.

Its sites may be found in 68 nations on 6 continents. Miraval, Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Ziva, Hyatt Residence Club, and Hyatt House are a few of Hyatt’s most well-known brands.

The minimum check-in age for Hyatt Hotels is 21, as noted on their website. Each place, however, has its specifications. There are still specific locations in the US that take reservations from people under the age of 18

Best Western

Best Western Hotels & Resorts, with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, operates more than 4,200 properties throughout more than 100 nations. There is no minimum age limit, and each hotel may establish its own rules.

Consequently, some permit check-ins from clients 18 years old, while others only take reservations from guests 19 years old and older. There are many places to stay, including Best Western Center Inn in Virginia Beach, VA, and Best Western Coral Hills in St. George, UT. The best course of action is to confirm with the hotel before traveling.