You want to get more views on YouTube, you want to get more subscribers on YouTube, you want to be noticed? Well, start noticing.

I will break this guide up into 4 segments, channel optimization and basics,  0 – 1,000 subscribers, 1,000 – 10,000, and 10,00+ YouTube subscribers.

YouTube is the most popular video blogging, sharing and marketing platform. YouTube channel is an excellent way to establish the brand that you can use in multiple ways to generate revenue for your business. Above all, YouTube is a second largest social media network and second largest search engine on the world.

YouTube is much more than just a platform to upload videos; it is a community and a social network. People watch YouTube videos on a large range of devices including PCs, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc. More than a billion people use YouTube to access the content they prefer.

The entire YouTube community is divided into a large number of smaller sub-communities in different niches. You can carve out your space in the niche you are passionate about if you dedicate yourself to grow your YouTube subscriber base.   As a newbie you should know basic stuff, like:

How Not To Get Banned On YouTube?


– Never Use Someone Else’s Content


You must own the content you publish on YouTube. You cannot use a music video or a soundtrack or anything that you don’t own on the videos you upload on your channel. You must have come across channels that post gaming videos with the player commenting. It is perfectly okay to create game videos in which you add value to it.

For instance, you cannot just upload a video of a game trailer that plays when you start the game. However, if you are showing your audience how to complete a stage, adding a voiceover and recording the gameplay, you are adding value, and showing your unique ways of playing the game.

If you add a music track that you don’t own or have a right to use on your YouTube videos, you can get banned straight away. Moreover, the content owners also have a right to sue you for using their content.

Make sure that you produce your unique content for uploading to your YouTube channel and make sure you are using royalty-free music. Some sources of free-to-use music:

YouTube Audio Library ~ Kevin MacLeod ~ BenSound ~ NoCopyrightSounds ~


Do Not Buy Subscribers Or Views


Grow your channel honestly. There is no shortcut. Subscribers are pointless if they are not actively enjoying your content and helping you grow. You need an active community, subscribers ready and willing to interact with you.

If your views are not organic and coming from blacklisted sources, you can get your account banned. Buying views is not useful anyway, and you must stay away from such practices.


Do Not Produce Violent, Harmful Or Sexual Content


YouTube is not a pornographic site or a place to upload content which is prohibited by law. If any of your videos include offensive content, stalking, harassment, predatory behavior, violent content, etc., you will get your account banned.


Do Not Spam


Don’t spam on YouTube. Your video descriptions should appropriately describe the content. Don’t use misleading titles, thumbnails, descriptions, tags, etc. in the hope of getting views.


How To Get More YouTube Subscribers


Focus On Quality Traffic


You don’t just want to get any traffic on YouTube. Many people use click baits or misleading titles and other such practices to get views. It leads to a very bad user experience, and YouTube does not like such content producers.

Even if you get some views by using such practices, you risk a chance to get banned and the traffic you could get will never be the quality traffic. Quality Traffic comprises of people you want to target who watch complete or most of your video. They find your content purposeful and engaging. These are the people who are likely to share and like your videos. You will get subscribers only by driving quality traffic to your channel.

You can follow the tips listed below to make your channel a success and get a lot of subscribers on YouTube. Before starting make sure your channel is interesting for people with a featured video that is likely to trigger your audience, profile photo and channel art which fits your niche.

At this stage you have to define your channel, target audience and optimize your channel….just ask yourself a question from the photo below.

Would you? 🙂




Create videos on the subject you are passionate about. Whether, it is gaming, nutrition, Yoga, Internet marketing, programming or anything, you can create videos on anything as long as it does not violate YouTube guidelines.

Passion is the key to find your niche and remain consistent. You will not find overnight success on YouTube, and your passion will keep you going until and after you find success on YouTube.


Define A Niche


You must define your niche clearly before creating your channel. You must not upload videos belonging to unrelated niches on the same channel. If you are interested in multiple niches, create multiple channels.

Uploading videos belonging to different niches will confuse the viewers and will result in a low number of subscribers.

If you have a unique idea or interest or concept, you can carve out an entirely new niche for your channel. If you are passionate about something which is already popular, it is good as well if you are passionate about it.

The most important thing that matters before you start your channel is to be truly passionate about the subject, define the niche and target the right audience.


youtube subscribers


Target The Right Audience


You must know who is your target audience. Who will watch your videos and what purpose does it serve them? For instance, if you are passionate about nutrition, health-conscious people looking for valuable information on nutrition will find your content on YouTube.

Similarly, if you have a gaming channel, gamers around the world searching for guides, tips, tricks or entertaining gaming videos will find your content, and they are your target audience.


Content Is The King


If you produce poor quality content, nothing else makes sense. Make sure you use a high-quality recording device. You create high-definition videos as most people like to watch videos on HD. People with limited bandwidth can anyway watch the content on low-resolution settings.

Always define a purpose of the video before creating it and make sure that your video serves the purpose well. Inform the audience about the purpose or problem your video deals with through the title and description.

You must aim to give your audience the kind of content it is searching. You can use the YouTube search engine by typing the search terms in the YouTube search box. You can use the suggestions given by the auto filler. You should also use some good content curation tools and track the interest of the audience.

You can produce the content the audience is searching for and provide solutions to their problems before anybody else does.

You should aim to establish yourself as a leader in your niche, and you will naturally attract a lot of subscribers. Get a plugin like Tubebuddy and play around with tags and descriptions and transcripts. It’s amazing what strategic keywords can do.




Thumbnails of your video have an enormous impact on the viewer’s decision while clicking your videos.

You must use the feature of custom thumbnails for your videos to make sure that your message gets delivered to the viewers through the thumbnails.


Branding And Channel Elements


You must understand the value of branding if you want to succeed as a YouTuber. Branding lets your audience identify you and your channel on YouTube. It gives your channel a unique space you need in the YouTube community.


Channel Art


Create a beautiful channel art for your channel. Channel art is beneficial for branding purposes, and a channel that does not have a channel art in place is less likely to get subscribers.

If you cannot produce a channel art yourself, you can hire somebody on Fiverr to create one for you. When people come to your channel, it is the first thing they see. It can have an impact on their decision whether they subscribe or not.

Profile Icon


Profile icon shows next to your videos and channel on YouTube. It is your identity on YouTube, and it is also displayed in your comments. Create a good profile icon for your channel.


YouTube SEO


Keyword Research


SEO begins with keyword research. You must find the right keywords that you will use in the title and description. Your goal as a small channel in regards to SEO is to compete for the specialized terms that the large channels are not aiming for.

It is better to get a good chunk of the traffic from an infrequently-searched term than no traffic from a commonly-searched term. I strongly recommend Chrome extension TubeBuddy tag explorer Chrome extension and

Even, TubeBuddy Chrome extension you can use to track your videos rankings (and your competitors) across YouTube and Google search for desired keywords.




Make sure that your title contains the targeted keywords. Choose attractive titles that let viewers know about the purpose of the video. A good Title is essential to get your videos ranked high in the search results.




Just like Title, Description also plays a crucial role in getting your videos ranked high. Make sure you include the targeted keywords in the Description right in the beginning.




Tags help search engines find your videos. You must add targeted keywords and other relevant keywords in the tags. You must not abuse tags and use any tags that are not related to the content of your video.

Besides producing quality content and following the above-listed practices, you can do a lot more to get a lot of subscribers on YouTube.

Increasing subscribers on YouTube needs consistent effort, but it can be a lot of fun if you are in the niche and community that interests you.


Growing Subscribers On YouTube


Some motivation before we continue. Marques Brownlee had only 78 subscribers after posting 100 videos. Today he has over 5M subscribers on YouTube. Some might get success in few months for some, it may take years. Just never give up


0-1,000 YouTube subscribers


Trust me, this is truthfully one of the hardest barriers to pass. Usually, first 1,000 subscribers take more time and effort than the next 10,000. Fact is the first 1,000 subscribers are not going to be organic and you will need to seek out people that are interested in your content.


Get Real Subscribers


Never Buy Or Exchange Subscribers on YouTube. First, you risk getting your account banned if you don’t follow this rule. If you buy subscribers or exchange subscribers on YouTube, they will not watch your content anyway.

They serve no purpose and lead to a very low view-to-subscriber ratio. YouTube bots will see your content as a low-quality content, and it will hurt your channel instead of helping.


Commenting And Active Participation


You should see YouTube as a community and not just a platform to upload videos. It is one of the largest social networks where people with common interests share their expertise, information, and views. You should be active in your community and interact with other members to help them solve their problems. For interaction, commenting is the best tool available to you that can use to self-promote your channel while helping other people.

You should comment on other videos, share your views, make funny comments and engage with other commenters.

Commenting gives your channel exposure through the Profile Icon.

If people find your suggestions interesting, they are likely to click your icon and reach your channel. Commenting alone can increase the number of subscribers on your channel and help greatly in establishing you as a leader in the community.

Make sure that you make a genuine contribution to the interaction and not spam your video links everywhere. You can provide the links to your videos in your comments if they solve the problem somebody is dealing with. Reply back to the people who respond to your comments.

You need good engagement not just on your channel, but in the community. It will increase the profile views, video views and number of subscribers.

Example of acceptable comment

What do you think, did the Super Geek Friends click to see who is behind this comment?

Example of unacceptable comment


As shown, be a constructive member of your community!

It seems like the majority of people doesn’t know or just they don’t want to know what that means. It doesn’t mean to annoy people and spam your channel link on people’s videos, messages. It doesn’t mean sub4sub. It doesn’t mean promoting your videos in inappropriate places.

Member of the community means TALKING TO PEOPLE!

I know, at this stage you think: I’m not growing as fast because the market is saturated. Let me enlighten you – Youtube isn’t a “Hey check out my video, subscribe to my channel!”, Youtube is a SOCIAL MEDIA website. It is “Hey what a great video mate! Marvelous!”


Now go at YouTube browse random SMALL channels, find them in the comment sections of other videos, or in featured channels of other channels. Watch one or several of their videos, watch the whole video, and then leave a POSITIVE comment, write something you liked about it, or suggest improvement if you think it’ll help.

Then move to another video, to another channel and repeat. The channel owner WILL respond back because everyone at that stage loves comments, actually it is in human nature we like to be NOTICED.

Some of the people will subscribe to your channel and actually watch and comment your videos. You won’t need to ask them to, only thing you have to is to watch their videos and a meaningful comment without asking them to check your channel or asking for a sub4sub.

Trust me, it’ll be fun. You can’t IMAGINE how many great videos and channels people have out there that no one knows about.

Guy document the process of learning new skills every week, this guy do funny comedy videos or this guy – he is hilarious. All it takes is a little of your time to find similar channels and to be the first person to reach out.

Reach out, talk to people and your videos will be shared on a regular basis…sure, you will do the same to them.   YouTube algorithms uses a snowball effect, as soon as they see your videos are getting some attention, they will show them more and more often in their search results and suggested videos, resulting in even more views to your channel.


Make a Gateway Video


Make at least one video that you think is sure to trigger people once they find your channel.

You should use Gateway videos to attract your target audience to come to your channel and look at your content. Gateway videos contain innovative content and give people reason to watch your content over other people. As the name describes, these videos act as the gateways to your channel and let people know what do you have in store.

You may not want to make each video as a Gateway video because they are made for a specific purpose, but you must have some of them in place.

Gateway videos are made to give you a competitive advantage over the other YouTubers in the same niche. Why should people watch your content instead of another uploader in your niche? You must give them a legitimate reason for that and Gateway videos is the answer.

Your Gateway video should have amazing content, a catchy title, and great SEO potential.

It should catch the attention of your audience instantly and tailored heavily to appeal to the target audience. Gateway Videos act as the USP for your channel, and they can push your subscribers to high numbers. However, make sure that the Gateway videos you create for your channel fit seamlessly along with the other videos.

People who relate to your Gateway videos should relate to the rest of the content as well. They act as a traffic funnel for your channel, so you use them wisely.

For Instance, if you have a gaming channel, you can upload a short and entertaining video showing funny tricks or glitches or mods, etc. Your video must be shareable and fun to watch.

Another example, if you are a programmer and create a series on a programming language, you can create a Gateway Video that shows the whole development process or learning process in a short time. Development of a program takes many hours, and tutors create long series to teach a programming language.

Creating a video that contains snippets from other videos in a sequence that shows exactly how the learning process can attract a lot of new visitors.

If you understand how Gateway videos work, you will know it that not all videos on your channel can be Gateway videos. These videos work as sales representatives, entertain or excite the audience while giving them a glimpse of what they can expect on your channel.


Aim To Get Quality Views


You must aim to get quality views on your channel and not just views. When a viewer watches the whole video or the majority of video and satisfied with your content, it is called a ‘Quality View.’ Quality views are likely to convert into likes, shares, and comments. People who are satisfied and happy after watching your content are likely to subscribe to your channel.


1,000 – 10,000 YouTube subscribers


Congrats, if you’re reading this it means you’ve made it past 1,000 subscribers and attained a solid base of subscribers and videos. Well done!   Let’s explore the options for furter growth of your YouTube subscribers.



You can announce giveaways tablets, PCs, Amazon gift cards, books, make-up-kits, games, consoles, watches, headphones or anything related to your niche and according to your budget. Giveaways are likely to attract more subscribers and make your channel popular. You can make a video describing the rules of the giveaway, date, and other relating things.


Engage With The Audience


You must engage with your audience. You should ensure that the visitors are getting what they are looking for. If some of their query or problem remains unsolved and they ask a question in the comment section, you must promptly reply and solve their problem.

If a visitor thanks you for creating an excellent video, you must acknowledge the appreciation. Engagement is critical for the success on the social media.





While having less than 1,000 subscribers a “bigger” YouTubers have no interest to collaborate with you, but now when you have a decent audience other Youtubers see the value in working together with you.

Seek out for the people with a similar number of subscribers and similar target audience. Connect with them, asking if they would want to collaborate some time. Seek out YouTubers to collaborate with in order to connect with their audience and branch out.


Dealing With Trolls


You will come across a lot of haters on YouTube who don’t do constructive criticism, but just like to troll people for attention. This kind of engagement is not useful, and you can block them if you find their comments abusive. However, you must take constructive criticism positively as it helps greatly in improving your channel.

Look how Petard deals with a negative comment. Brilliant!


Remind Viewers To Subscribe and like your videos


A lot of viewers may like your channel, but will not subscribe unless you ask them, simply because it does not strike their mind. You should ask people to subscribe to your channel in every video at the end.   I’ve been of the opinion that asking for likes in any form is sort of pathetic but few years ago Northernlion did a little experiment, went against his gut feelings and asked people, if they enjoyed it, to hit like on his video so he could show more impressive stats to the publishers in the hopes of receiving more review copies.




Encouraged by initial success, he started putting a sentence in video descriptions for all uploads: “If you enjoyed the video, please consider hitting the Like button. It helps a lot!” In a week he saw extraordinary results:

Daily likes have jumped from less than 3,000 to over 4,000 on average….

Now, will you ask for likes and subs at the end of your videos? 🙂

In short-term likes won’t bring anything but in a long run more likes will improve search ranking, that means more viewers and more subscribers.   FYI this was 4 years ago and today Northernlion is at over 700k subscribers. Obviously, he knows what he’s doing.


Video and Audio Quality of YouTube videos


At this point in time you should consider investing in a good microphone, camera and in some good videos editing software like Sony Vegas.


Use End Screens



End screens are handy tools for the YouTubers. You can use them to provide users a link to your new video, ask them to subscribe or even for promoting your website, store etc.



If you can afford to spend money on advertising your channel, you can use ‘AdWords for video’ to promote your channel. You must calculate the cost of advertising and generated profits before investing into it. Advertising directly can drive a lot of subscribers to your channel, depending on your budget, niche, and many other factors.

This is a must if you planning to start a YouTube channel for kids/baby’s with animated nursery rhyme video’s. I have one 3yo I’ve noticed that videos with 20M are still sponsored!!! Kids don’t read, they don’t have social media accounts, so the only way to get your video in front their eyes is via advertising on YouTube.

Btw this niche is very profitable with many millionaires made within the year.


How to Establish Your YouTube Brand Early On


You should create your brand in the beginning and use common branding elements across different social media channels.


Promote Your Videos Across Different Social Media Channels

You should promote your videos on YouTube as well. However, make sure that you are reaching out to the target audience only, no matter which channel you use.

If you think, your target audience is not present on a specific channel or too narrow; there is no point investing your time in promoting your videos there.


Share ‘Confirm Channel Subscription’ Link


You can add “?sub_confirmation=1” at the end of your channel URL. Sharing this link on the social media channels instead of the regular channel URL will land people directly on the channel page with a subscription link.


Branding And Channel Network


The Internet is an enormous web comprising a large number of networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You must create a web of your brand across different channels and network on the Internet. Branding helps people in recognizing which unique part of the web they are surfing.

Don’t restrict yourself to YouTube and create a network around your YouTube channel across different social media channels.

You don’t need to be present on all popular social media networks on the Internet. If you have a good presence across two or three networks outside YouTube, they can help enormously in growing the subscriber base for your YouTube channel.


Email Outreach


If you have an email list or you are building an email list by providing a link to a landing page that collects email addresses in the description, it can also help you in getting more subscribers. You can always reach out to people through emails and let them know whenever you publish a new video or make any announcements. – Consistency And Regular Posting

If you follow the above tips, there is no reason why your subscribers won’t increase over time. However, you must stay committed and consistent.

You should continue posting videos on a regular basis. Uploading 2 or 3 per week can help build momentum early on for your channel and on the other hand, a lot of subscribers will go away if they see that no new content is getting uploaded to the channel.


Upload timing


Uploading at peak hours (Friday and Saturday mid to late mornings) you’ll be able to instantly increase your viewership. It’s easy to do this with the “schedule” feature when you upload on YouTube or with TubeBuddy if you are using it.


10,000+ YouTube subscribers


You are now at self-sustainable stage and ball is rolling but do not fool yourself. Now you have to make everything better than the previous in order to not ruin all previous hard work.

Now, you have an idea about your target audience it’s important to have a structured continuous improvement process.

This can be improvements in terms of publishing days or times, choosing popular subjects, asking your subscribers what they would like to see, different annotations, playlists etc.


YouTube Channel Management


Managing a YouTube Channel is like running a small business because it is a small business. You must understand that, if you own a channel which is popular, you own a business that needs good management, just like any other business.

You should use a tool called TubeBuddy to manage your channel. It’s such a time saver. You can install the Chrome or Firefox extension to manage your YouTube channel.

With TubeBuddy, you can   – Manage Comments – Add and Update Annotations – Create Thumbnails – Research Keywords – Optimize Videos – Add Info Cards – BackUp Your Channel – Create Animated GIFs – Explore Tags – Publish To Facebook – Find Best Time To Publish – Do A/B Testing – Get Brand Alerts – Track Competitors Activities – Filter Comments – Set Publishing Schedule – Plan Video Topics   and a lot more.

For serious YouTubers, it can prove to be a very useful YouTube Channel Management Tool that can improve productivity and make their life easy.


YouTube Monetizing Strategy


Ultimately after growing the subscriber base, you want to generate revenue out of your channel and make a profit. Passion can keep you going, but it cannot pay your bills alone. Fortunately, there are many different ways to generate revenue if your YouTube channel is popular.

Here is a list of some of the ways to monetize your YouTube channel.   – YouTube Partnership – Finding Sponsors – Promote Products/Services – Affiliate Marketing


To Sum Up


A YouTube Channel is just like any other small business. If your channel is popular and you stay consistent in your efforts, you can find a lot of ways to monetize your business according to your niche.

You must play the role of an active leader in your niche. You should be willing to help everybody in your niche. Besides getting people to subscribe to your channel, it is important to keep the communication going.

You won’t build a popular channel overnight. You need to be consistent, and that’s why you must choose a niche that interests you the most.