Cambly Review: Is it a Legit Way to Make Money as a Tutor?

If you want to become an ESL tutor, Cambly is the option for you. It allows you to make money all while having flexible hours. But if you’re worried about it being a scam, allow us to put your worries to ease, as Cambly is not a scam.

Therefore, you can trust this application with your personal information and just as easily start earning and exchanging money. By going through this review, our statement of Cambly not being a scam will be justified. So keep on reading, and you will see if it’s the right fit for you.

What is Cambly?

The first question that people ask is what exactly is Cambly and why has it become so popular. Well, Cambly works much like Skype but is marketed and catered for ESL students and teachers. You can either use the Cambly app on your smartphone or chat from your home computer. By using this application, you will come together with people all around the world and have fun and productive sessions at your own pace. 

The large community it has gathered speaks volumes about its success, therefore making it one of the best applications for ESL training and mentoring programs. The flexibility that Cambly provides is what sets it apart from most ESL tutoring programs available online. You can easily log into an unscheduled class and stay for as long or short as you want. You can clear up all your misconceptions and get your solutions in real-time.

Cambly’s Aims and Motives

Aside from bringing people together for a fun little session, it allows you to have a wide range of access to any advice you want on the language, this can either be things like grammar, punctuation, structure, or even slang. The flexibility in terms of the class schedule it provides makes it appeal to a wide range of audiences. Thus making it the perfect option for tutors and students alike, as they can easily incorporate a little learning into their everyday schedule.

Earn Extra While using Cambly

If you’re thinking about tutoring on Cambly, as a side hustle from your main job, then go right ahead. It might even give you the edge that you need to launch your career. Now the income is not such that you can survive solely on it, however considering that it was designed to be a side hustle and not the main gig.

Keep this in mind as you will have flexible hours to easily do your main gig and use this for a side hustle at home to get some extra cash whenever you want. The workload won’t be overpowering for tutors and is what makes it Cambly a great application.

Why people Choose Cambly

A lot of people are looking into the world of Cambly, and thus gathering from the superb reviews on their site, you can easily tell that it’s getting a lot of traction. The variety of tutors it provides daily is really what keeps the students engaged and interested in the material being taught.

Having a new person every day can easily give students more ideas. It’s the dream for an extroverted person, as you will be able to meet a lot of new people every day and have mindful conversations with them, all while improving your English.

Professional Tutors

The tutors hired on the Cambly application are all master and native English speakers; therefore, you can easily learn something new from them. From the dozens of reviews given on this service, all of them stated that the tutors were highly qualified and very friendly.

They also said that the tutors helped to create a comfortable and conducive environment. Having these lessons daily will help increase your English fluency at a very rapid speed.

Practice Makes Perfect

Cambly allows you to learn English more engagingly and actively. The other learning application seems to incorporate passive ways, in which you are just picking the correct answer or just responding to a few prompts.

However, if you want to improve your English and become fluent in speaking, you have to practice what the tutors teach you. As the tutor will always face the student, they will be able to correct you right away.

Conclusion- So is Cambly Legit?

So Yes! Cambly is not a scam and is a real application where you can improve your vocational English.

By going through their website and seeing their reviews, you will be able to see that it’s definitely not a scam and that you can easily exchange money through them.

They have never had any issues with invading other people’s privacy, so rest assured that Cambly is not a scam. It’s an online application that every educator and student should check out!